Time to chuck, sort & re-evaluate your wardrobe…

Does it fit, does it suit and lastly & most importantly   Do you LOVE it??

Your Go To, anytime, feel good pieces that always make you feel great, no matter what!

It’s always great to have these garments on hand.

Might be the colour that uplifts you, or the feel /texture of the fabric and then it’s a really great fit…

It should be all of this, I think.

For me…… I’m loving my spotty T-shirt in white with big black and gold spots worn with either my black

Skinnys or loose fit black linen pants that can be rolled up and worn with sneakers or jandels for a cool casual

look or can be worn down and dressed up with wedges for a smart “Go anywhere look.”

Also the Off Shoulder style is one of my favs.. which is a great evening look and we have in plain or printed

rayon, linen and cotton in a range of colours.

It’s always nice to buy a couple of new items at the beginning of a season to create some fresh new looks.

So come in and see us & lets get shopping!



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